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It was just an accident.

  • Most fatal accidents occur at night due to poor visibility. - 6
  • My car blew a tire and decided to flip itself while I was inside. I braced my neck with my forearms as it flipped a few times, which also blocked glass from my face. so luckily my only injury was a torn up left arm from shrapnel. I never speed so damage was less than it could have been. I pulled myself from the car and applied pressure to the profuse bleeding until the paramedics arrived. Got stapled up and an IV.
    Author: Stephen Theriault - 7
  • Motorists should move their vehicles to the shoulder of the road after a minor crash. - 224
  • Kangaroos cause more accidents than any other animal in Australia. - 349
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Author: Melinda Dashiell - Id: 35

Half of the tree fell-off one of our neighbors trees. They were able to save it by trimming it and having some special chemical put on it that prevented it from dying.

Author: Morgan Spires - Id: 34

Our trampoline went over our fence (somehow without breaking it) and smashed in to our neighbors house.

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