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Adverse Weather

The adverse weather.

  • Recently there seems to be extreme weather changes (Hot, Cold, Rain, Snow, Floods, and Drought).
    We should all be alert and prepared for anything. - 693
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Question: What is weather?
  Answer: Weather is the condition of the atmosphere at a given time in a specific place. - 111

Question: What are some of the factors describing weather?
  Answer: Weather affects air temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, cloudiness, Rain precipitation moisture, and wind speed. - 112

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The abnormal pattern of increase in temperatures down the Peruvian and Ecuadorian coast is called El Nino. It is part of a bigger change in wind and weather all over the world. El Nino and La Nina are essentially the same phenomenon. When unusually cool temperatures in the ocean occur on the equator between South America and the Date Line, La Nina exists. This happens around Christmas time. El Nino is noticed along the South American coast, in the open Pacific Ocean, near the Galapagos, and near the Date Line 4 months after La Nina. The most significant cause of damage during El Nino is a result of the violent storms it brings and the upsets in global food chain that it puts into effect. The significant damage from La Ni?a is the increase Atlantic hurricane activity that it causes. - Michelle Rooks - 235

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