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Air Turbulence

The air turbulence.

  • Clean air should not smell bad. - 13
  • At higher altitudes the atmosphere gets thinner and the air pressure is reduced. - 30
  • We have the right to breathe clean air. - 32849
  • The clouds drift across the sky. - 17792
  • Aircraft can ignore gravity by increasing thrust and lift. - 282
  • Underwater air bubbles ignore gravity and float to the surface of the water. This is due to density and buoyancy of the bubble compared to the surrounding water. Gravity cannot keep the air bubble down under the water. - 283
  • I was driving on I-75 when I saw a green lizard crawl across the outside of my windshield.
    He tried to hold on, but eventually the wind blew him off, and into the road.
    I wondered if he survived the fall, or if the next car would run over him.
    Several seconds later I saw a green and white car pass me. The lettering on the side of the car said: "G E I C O". I wondered if it was a coincidence. - 391
  • The airline passengers are required to shut off electronic devices during takeoff and landing. - 626
  • The trees sway in the wind. - 17793
  • The wind has an abrasive effect caused by sand particles. - 702
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Question: What is wind?
  Answer: Wind is a stream of air in motion that is moving at any speed.
  Note: Wind moves from an area of high pressure to an area of low pressure. - 145

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- Id: 70

Air pollutants include: pollen, dust, pet hair, dander, dust mites, tobacco smoke, spores, bacteria and viruses.

Author: Melinda Dashiell - Id: 35

Half of the tree fell-off one of our neighbors trees. They were able to save it by trimming it and having some special chemical put on it that prevented it from dying.

Author: Morgan Spires - Id: 34

Our trampoline went over our fence (somehow without breaking it) and smashed in to our neighbors house.

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