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Date Sugar

The date sugar is sweet.

  • Too much sugar can make you fat.
    Sugar is a natural preservative.
    Sugar beets supply half the American sugar, with the rest coming from sugar cane. - 606
  • Harvested sugarcane is more than 50 percent water. The average sugarcane stalk weighs about 3 pounds, and contains about 0.3 pounds (0.14 kilograms) of sugar. - 607
  • The sugar cane must be crushed within 24 hours of being cut. - 608
  • Sugar processors add lime to the cane juice to coagulate the impurities. The juice is then neutralised with sulphur dioxide to settle out impurities. Sugar producers also add sodium hydrogen sulphate at the final stages of boiling. This releases sulphur dioxide into the juice and lightens the color of the final product. (Note: A high sulphur content often remains in the final product.)

    People who are sensitive to sulfur may have an allergic reaction to the "pure white sugar". - 609
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