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Eagerly Wait

They eagerly wait for it.

  • "I wish things would go faster, I hate waiting!" - Kinga Ostrowski - 680
  • "A coworker asked me if I will be glad to get done with school and not have to work as a waiter. I could not bring myself to tell him that I am right where I am supposed to be. I have no regrets that I am where I am at and doing what I am doing. In all I do, I see Gods will for me and I choose to do my work well...whatever it is." - Douglas Rooks

    "When I waited tables the work was hard but the money was good. It is a profession of which to be proud and the nice thing is, when you leave work, it stays there. Unlike some other jobs." - Stephanie Jentgen - 681
  • What are you waiting for? - 682
  • Do not keep me waiting! - 683
  • "My mom would wait up for us every time we were out, especially in rainy weather. I would come home (late at night) and she'd be curled up asleep on the couch." - Melissa Mohr - 684
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