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Ear Tinnitus

The ear tinnitus is irritating.

  • We should listen twice as much as we talk. - 183
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  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)  

Question: What is tinnitus?
  Answer: Tinnitus is a condition where some people can hear or sense a sound. The noise may be a humming, buzzing, ringing, or whistling sound. - 310

Question: What causes tinnitus?
  Answer: It could be a physical problem like an ear infection, or it could be caused by an external source. The actual source of the sound may be very difficult to locate. - 311

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Can anyone else hear a very high pitched noise resonating? Similar sound as if you left your computer on. I thought it was just me, but my whole family can hear it now. Started a few days ago, and gets louder if you plug your ears. We thought it was our house, but we just drove 10 minutes away and we could still hear it. It doesn't get any louder or quieter. Just a very high pitched humming noise. Shut off the power to the whole house. Didn't make a dent in it. It does sound similar to crickets. It's just weird that the noise doesn't get any louder or softer as I change locations. It's not so much a noise, as some sort of digital vibration or frequency or signal reverberating, causing the tinnitus. What's weird is the range I can hear it at. I had almost convinced myself it was all in my head. I'm considering getting a faraday canopy or something to sleep under. Or something to scramble or disrupt the signal. I will try the fan tonight. I contacted our electric company, and they're checking the underground wiring, nearby transformers, etc. But I could still hear it several miles away, which points to something with a much larger range. Either way, I hope it ends soon! - Scott McDermott - 7

My wife noticed it several months ago. Now we both frequently hear it. At first I thought the computer on so I unplugged it. Then I thought it was crickets. Is it possible that a cell tower or microwave communication link could create a high frequency ringing inside of your head (tinnitus)? Electric transformers vibrate @ 60 Hertz = Low buzz. What we hear or sense seems to be about 20,000 Hertz which is beyond my normal audio hearing range. It also seems to be inside the head and not outside of the ear. - Ron Rooks - 8

I hear it too. I also don't "hear" it. It's a vibration I feel in my ears, temples, and base of my neck.
Talked to the FCC and they said to file a complaint. The more complaints, the more likely they are to look into it, so here is the form for anyone else who can hear / feel it. Maybe they'll actually look into it.
FCC Consumer Complaints - Megan Andersen - 9

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