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Economic Power

The economic power of money.

  • The nuclear-power plants cost $13 billion and take 10 years to build. They normally last about 40 years, but could be used for up to 60 years. - 441
  • Solar-Panels only work when the sun is shining. - 24800
  • Solar panels typical last about 25-years. - 46880
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Question: What is the purpose of money?
  Answer: Money is exchanged for goods and services. - 71

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Trees are being blown down blocking roadways. There are power outage in a lot of areas. Traffic lights are out. The neighbor's roof is blowing all over the yard and front porch. Tree branches are breaking and blowing all over the place. Be very careful if you need to go out. I am in for the evening. Stay safe everyone. - Lu Smith - 20

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