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Facial Skin

The facial skin.

  • I tried growing a beard. There were many comments like: "Scary", "Who are you?", and "Dislike". When I walked into the local Middle Eastern grocery store they spoke to me in the Arabic language. I have concluded that perhaps beards are not socially acceptable in 21st century America. Today I shaved off my beard. - 47
  • Blow your nose to remove mucus and dust particles. - 438
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Question: What is the purpose of skin?
  Answer: The skin protects your body from germs. - 101

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Author: Kathryn Schnelly - Id: 76

I never wear make-up except on Sunday when I go to church or if it's a special occasion...but the second I'm home I'm washing it off so my skin can breath.

- Id: 97

The skin protects your body from germs.

Author: Anonymous - Id: 222

Question: What is olive complexion?

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