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Falling Snow

The falling snow may start to pile up.

  • The theory of gravity is falling down. - 284
  • It is too cold to go out and play in the snow. - 576
  • It was as white as snow. - 577
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  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)  

Question: What is snow?
  Answer: Snow is a frozen precipitation of white translucent ice crystal flakes. In cold weather the snowflakes fall from the sky and form layers on the ground or other surfaces. - 236

Question: How many sides does a snowflake have?
  Answer: All snowflakes have only 6 sides. Snowflakes are a hexagonal crystal lattice. - 256

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  Comments and Quotes  
Author: Anna Method - Id: 23

I could use a little snow! If its going to be this cold out it could at least be pretty!

Author: Doreen Lawrence - Id: 5

We have had ice / snow/ slush and expect more snow. The way the roads are dealt with around here is to wait for it to melt. Not going to happen before tomorrow. Messy roads just refreeze and get even worse after a storm until completely melted and dry. This happens so seldom here that it is not worth the investment to have enough machines to handle secondary roads .... we just shut down.

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