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Fan Motor

The electric fan motors.

  • Electric-Lawn-Mower: Start mowing from the spot closest to the electric outlet.
    Mow your way away from the plug, this way the cord should not be in your way. - 200
  • Electric motors deliver more torque than gasoline engines at low speed. This makes Electric motors much better at acceleration. - 13792
  • Electric vehicles have:
    - No oil or filters to change
    - no exhaust system and muffler to rust out
    - no gear box and clutch and fluids to service and replace
    - no transmission to wear out
    - no emissions control and catalytic converter to break
    - no timing chains or belts to snap
    - no valves or injectors to clog up
    - no cooling system to leak or blow a gasket causing the engine to seize up
    - no worn brake pads (regenerative braking makes the brakes last almost forever)
    - no cylinder rings to wear out
    - no pistons or crankshafts to punch through the engine block on a catastrophic failure.
    - 16790
  • Electric vehicles do not use gasoline. - 35873
  • Electric vehicles have an electric motor. - 35874
  • Changing the motor oil regularly will make the engine last longer. - 423
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Question: How is electricity measured?
  Answer: Electricity is measured in voltage, amperes, and watts. - 202

Question: What is electric current?
  Answer: Electric current is a flow of electrons, through a conductor. - 203

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