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She had constant overwhelming fatigue.

  • You know that you are tired when you lay down for a nap after dinner and then wake up to your husband telling you it is bed time. - 53
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Question: What is myasthenia gravis?
  Answer: The myasthenia-gravis is a neuromuscular-disorder that causes muscle-weakness. - 306

Question: What is sleep?
  Answer: Sleep is a natural periodic state of rest for the mind and body. Regular intervals of sleep are necessary for health. - 119

Question: What happens to the body during sleep?
  Answer: During sleep, there is a decrease in bodily movement. The muscles relax, and the eyes usually close. The pulse is slower, and respiratory movements fewer in number but more profound. - 120

Question: What happens to the mind during sleep?
  Answer: During sleep, consciousness is lost, dreams may occur, and memory is reorganized. - 121

Question: How much sleep is required?
  Answer: The amount and periodicity of sleep in humans vary with age, with infants sleeping frequently for shorter periods, and mature adults sleeping for longer uninterrupted periods. Eight hours of sleep each night is recommended. A short afternoon nap can also be helpful. - 122

Question: What if you get too much sleep?
  Answer: If you are sleeping too much, you will not accomplish much, and will tend to be poor. - 123

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