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Fecal Excretion

The fecal excretions.

  • Always wash your hands after a bowel movement - 79
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Question: What causes allergic reactions after bowel movements?
  Answer: In my case, it was a food allergy (turned out to be GMO foods). I have come to believe that the lining of the rectum is more permeable to substances than the rest of the digestive tract and the bowel movement increases this effect. Try an "elimination diet", keep a detailed food diary for awhile, and most important, avoid processed foods. - 260
Author: Back40

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When I have even trace amounts of conventional cane sugar, I feel fine ...until the next day's bowel movement. Then I have diarrhea and immediate "spaciness" and mental disorientation, plus extreme fatigue and weakness for several days following. This does NOT occur with organic sugarcane. I feel that it may be a delayed immune reaction to a pesticide, but why would it happen at that time? Is there anything I can do to relieve my symptoms once they start? - Back40 - 81

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