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Part of speech: Noun, Thing

The Fiat Chrysler automobiles.

  • The automobile gives you the freedom to go places whenever you want to go. - 34
  • Automobile batteries should last about 5 years. - 35
  • When your kids are out driving, you will not be able to sleep until they are safe at home. - 33855
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Author: Dick Brass - Id: 65

Globally, there are 650 million cars, and 50 million new vehicles are produced every year.

Author: Kelly Hake - Id: 281

Do you ever go to the gas station to fill up your tank and sit in the car while it's pumping and then you leave and the gauge doesn't go up so you send your dad a text about how your car is broken wah wah and then the gas light comes on later and you ignore it because you just put $40 in your tank and the gauge is obviously broken and then your car stops running in the middle of the desert and your friend brings you gas just because and your car starts and you are very confused and go back to the gas station and fill up AGAIN and then the gas gauge works and then you look at your credit card receipt and there was no charge for gas then you realize you sat in your car at the gas station yesterday assuming you were filling up but you were just sitting there? REAL COOL.

Author: Melci - Id: 3286

Engines powered by thousands of tiny explosions per minute of volatile liquid derived from dead dinosaurs driving thousands of moving parts spinning and moving at high speed and high temperatures and pressures is no recipe for longevity.

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