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Hail Damage

The hail damage.

  • The dark clouds are beginning to gather. - 718
  • You should try to prevent damage from happening. - 13790
  • Lightning can strike 10 miles away from a thunderstorm. - 385
  • The damage was permanent. - 461
  • Do not fly into a thunderstorm. Try to go around it. - 26810
  • The rain was really coming down out there, with lots of thunder and lightning. What an amazing storm. The thunder lasted for minutes at a time. We have not had a storm like this in a long while. I cannot wait to see the rain gauge. It has to be more than 3 inches because the swimming pool is overflowing. I really wish we had more than one rain barrel. we needed the rain for sure. Wow that was crazy, sounded like the 4th of July instead of thunder The lighting lit up the entire sky every 0.5 seconds, and the thunder was almost continuous for over 30 minutes. I have never seen a thunder storm like that before. The thunder lasted more than an hour, constant rumble with louder booms and the lightning was incredible. The sky was constantly light up with brighter flashes when the louder thunder happened. The colors in the lightening! It wasn't just bolts of white. It truly was amazing. I have never seen anything like that before. Constant thunder and lightning! What a storm! Driving we hit a huge puddle doing 40 (post speed limit) the water covered the car and we could not see where we were going. That was very scary. - 641
  • The wind has an abrasive effect caused by sand particles. - 702
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Author: Melinda Dashiell - Id: 35

Half of the tree fell-off one of our neighbors trees. They were able to save it by trimming it and having some special chemical put on it that prevented it from dying.

Author: Morgan Spires - Id: 34

Our trampoline went over our fence (somehow without breaking it) and smashed in to our neighbors house.

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