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Hail Stone

The hail stones were falling from the sky.

  • Some people believe that the Earth is surrounded by an ice wall. - 1747
  • The more that they mess with the weather the worse it gets. - 264
  • Only 10 percent of an iceberg is visible above the water level. - 24797
  • The ice wall is more than 370 miles (600 km) long. - 31849
  • "I got hit in the back of the head by the biggest single rain drop known to man! It hit me so hard I was instantly offended and ready to fight thinking someone just spat on me." - Joshua Wesley - 510
  • Recently there seems to be extreme weather changes (Hot, Cold, Rain, Snow and Drought). We should all be alert and prepared for anything. - 693
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  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)  

Question: What is the purpose of cloud seeding?
  Answer: Cloud-seeding is a type of weather-modification that has been used to cause rain to fall. - 296

Question: What chemical is used for cloud seeding?
  Answer: Silver-iodide have been historically used for cloud-seeding. Other chemicals are also being tested. - 297

Question: What is geoengineering?
  Answer: Geoengineering is the intentional manipulation of the environment, involving nuclear, biological, chemical, electromagnetic and/or other physical-agent activities that effect changes to earth's atmosphere, climate and/or surface. - 336

Question: What is ice?
  Answer: Ice is frozen water. - 57

Question: When does water freeze into ice?
  Answer: Water freezes into solid ice at 32 degrees F. - 58

Question: What is rain?
  Answer: Rain is water that condensed in the clouds and falls to earth in drops. - 133

Question: What is the purpose of a rain barrel?
  Answer: A rain-barrel collects rain-water. Every home should have at least one. - 298

Question: What are the colors of the rainbow?
  Answer: The colors of the rainbow include: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. - 4342

Question: What is a stone?
  Answer: A stone is a small hard rock, that is larger then a pebble and made of minerals. - 159

Question: What is weather?
  Answer: Weather is the condition of the atmosphere at a given time in a specific place. - 111

Question: What are some of the factors describing weather?
  Answer: Weather affects air temperature, barometric pressure, humidity, cloudiness, Rain precipitation moisture, and wind speed. - 112

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  • Hailstone (2)  The hailstones were falling from the sky.

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  Words of Wisdom  

And it came to pass, as they fled from before Israel, and were in the going down to Bethhoron, that the LORD cast down great stones from heaven upon them unto Azekah, and they died: they were more which died with hailstones than they whom the children of Israel slew with the sword.   Joshua 10:11 

At the brightness that was before him his thick clouds passed, hail stones and coals of fire.
The LORD also thundered in the heavens, and the Highest gave his voice; hail stones and coals of fire.   Psalm 18:12, 13 

And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, every stone about the weight of a talent: and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague thereof was exceeding great.   Revelation 16:21 

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