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Half Way

We are half way there.

  • The hallways normally should be 42 inches (1 meter) wide.
    Go down the hallway. - 292
  • Narrow hallways make me nervous. - 293
  • Do not try to run away from a predator. You should back away slowly. - 10787
  • Better roads makes it easier for people to get to and from work. - 7783
  • When a car sits in my driveway in the hot summer sun, it becomes too hot to touch. - 650
  • The trees sway in the wind. - 17793
  • You can always just walk away. - 688
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Question: What is the purpose of the automobile cruise control?
  Answer: The automobile cruise control is used to maintain constant speed, when traveling on open highways. - 275

Question: What is a dome?
  Answer: The dome shape is the top half of a hollow sphere. - 331

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  • Halfway (3)  We are halfway there.
  • Middle (32)  He was in the middle of it.

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