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The clothes hangers.

  • "There is nothing wrong with change, if it is in the right direction."
    Author: Winston Churchill - 115
  • Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) is a theory that claims that human beings are responsible for most climate change. AGW is favored by some politicians, as it provides justification for carbon taxes and the Kyoto Protocol.
    Some people may have other ideas and theories. Climate change can be caused by many different factors. - 269
  • Read the owners manual, and change your oil when it recommends. Newer cars need less oil changes, then older cars. Old dirty oil does not lubricate the engine well. - 442
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Question: What is the purpose of the global-dimming climate experiments?
  Answer: Global-dimming is attempting to prevent global-warming. - 309

Question: What is causing global warming?
  Answer: The sun is causing global-warming. - 318

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Author: Hetty Meutia Dewy - Id: 138

We have to make a lot of changes in our lives.

Author: Saeb Erekat - Id: 158

Gradually we are hoping that things will change.

The media calls it "climate-change". Some people believe that it is actually Geo-Engineering that is causing many of the extreme weather events.

Author: David Perry - Id: 52

You dress in the best clothes you have.

Author: Anna Soo Wildermuth - Id: 75

Clothes should be a part of who you are and should not be noticed.

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