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  • Statistics show that people who have more birthdays live longer. - 63
  • Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live. - 64
  • Today you are older then you have ever been before. - 65
  • You will never again be as young as you are today. - 66
  • We hope that you have a good day and make the most of everyday. - 67
  • The normal egg has an oval shape with one end larger than the other, and it tapers toward the smaller end. These ends of an egg are commonly called the large end (air cell end) and the small end.
    An egg shell that approximates the usual shape and that is of good even texture and strength and free from rough areas or thin spots. Slight ridges and rough areas that do not materially affect the shape, texture, and strength of the shell are permitted. - 196
  • She was feeling so happy. - 295
  • Happy is better than sad. - 32852
  • We hope that you will make wise decisions and that this will be your best year ever. We pray that God will bless you, keep you healthy and safe from harm. - 296
  • ... and they lived happily ever after. - 396
  • Today is the oldest you have ever been. - 443
  • Wesley Chapel, Florida is located in East Pasco County, Florida. - 697
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Calvary Baptist Church
4724 Fox Ridge Blvd.
Wesley Chapel, Florida 33543
Independent Baptist Church
Victorious "Life Church" (VLC)
6224 Old Pasco Rd
Wesley Chapel, Florida
AG Church

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And she went, and came, and gleaned in the field after the reapers: and her hap was to light on a part of the field belonging unto Boaz, who was of the kindred of Elimelech.   Ruth 2:3 

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