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Hard Driving

He was hard driving.

  • When your kids are out driving, you will not be able to sleep until they are safe at home. - 33855
  • While driving he hit a huge puddle doing 40 (post speed limit) the water covered the car and they could not see where we were going. That was very scary. - 176
  • When driving in dense fog you should: reduce your speed, use low beam headlights, and leave extra distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you. - 233
  • I was driving on I-75 when I saw a green lizard crawl across the outside of my windshield.
    He tried to hold on, but eventually the wind blew him off, and into the road.
    I wondered if he survived the fall, or if the next car would run over him.
    Several seconds later I saw a green and white car pass me. The lettering on the side of the car said: "G E I C O". I wondered if it was a coincidence. - 391
  • Drivers should keep two hands on the steering wheel at all times. - 596
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Question: What is the purpose of the automobile cruise control?
  Answer: The automobile cruise control is used to maintain constant speed, when traveling on open highways. - 275

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