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Hay Fever

The hay fever allergy.

  • Scarlet fever is caused by Streptococcus pyogenes. - 546
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Question: What is the best way to control an allergy?
  Answer: You should try avoid the allergens that are causing the allergy. - 285

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The Corn Allergy Girl.
 The Corn Allergy Girl.

 The Corn Allergy Girl has a "sensitive allergy to corn, which is not only a food, but is used in food additives, preservatives, disinfectants, lotions, cosmetics, dyes, building materials, and more." - 206

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High fever can cause brain damage, shock, or failure of the heart or kidneys.

Author: Back40 - Id: 81

When I have even trace amounts of conventional cane sugar, I feel fine ...until the next day's bowel movement. Then I have diarrhea and immediate "spaciness" and mental disorientation, plus extreme fatigue and weakness for several days following. This does NOT occur with organic sugarcane. I feel that it may be a delayed immune reaction to a pesticide, but why would it happen at that time? Is there anything I can do to relieve my symptoms once they start?

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