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He had an infection.

  • Antibiotics do not cure viral infections. - 34855
  • Do not try to sleep while wearing contact lenses. - 135
  • Do not spread your germs to other people. - 265
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Question: What is disease?
  Answer: Disease is an illness, sickness, disorder, or abnormal condition of any body organ, structure, or system. - 241

Question: What causes diseases?
  Answer: Diseases can be caused by: nutritional deficiency, poisons, parasites, bacterial infection, viruses, or genetic anomalies. - 242

Question: What is a pathogen?
  Answer: A pathogen is a micro-organism that can cause disease. - 317

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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) - 241
National Organization for Rare Disorders
 National Organization for Rare Disorders

 Prevention, treatment and cure of rare diseases. - 242

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Antibiotics battle bacteria, not viruses. - 91

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