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Part of speech: Female

The female pregnancy begins at conception and ends at birth.

  • Pregnant women should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects. - 487
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Question: What is birth?
  Answer: Birth is the process of a baby being born. - 83

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"For every story of a successful hospital birth there is a story of a successful home birth, and the same with disaster stories. However, it comes down to freedom. Should a woman have the freedom to decide where to give birth? Yes. Should she have the freedom to decide who will be there? Yes. Babies get born in cars, in ambulances, in airplanes, in fields, all the time, and turn out fine. I will stand on my right to decide to give birth in my own bedroom, with medical personnel present, and make my decisions about how my body and my child will be treated during the birthing process. I will not be told when I must give birth (40 weeks are usually miscounted). I will not be rushed into surgery because of a "non progressing labor," or be told how I must position myself when giving birth (did you know that laying on one's back is the *worst* position for the mother?) or anything else. You can have your epidural, I will take my natural birth." - Sarah Bryce - 45

I am not very good about remembering birthdays or sending cards. - Ron Rooks - 132

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