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Skin Lesion

The skin lesions may be cancerous skin cells.

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Question: What is the purpose of skin?
  Answer: The skin protects your body from germs. - 101

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  • Bulla (2)  The large bulla blister.
  • Crust (22)  The dry outer crust is crusty.
  • Erosion (12)  The soil erosion is caused by water.
  • Excoriation The linear excoriation was traumatized.
  • Fissure (4)  The deep fissures.
  • Herpes Zoster (2)  The herpes-zoster lesions.
  • Lichenification The lichenification is a sequential lesion.
  • Macule The small flat macule lesion.
  • Nodule (5)  The hard nodules.
  • Papule (4)  The small papule.
  • Plaque (16)  The sticky dental plaque.
  • Pustule (2)  She had a small pustule skin-lesion that contained purulent material.
  • Scale (25)  They need to scale it up.
  • Sclerodermoid Skin Lesion The sclerodermoid skin lesions.
  • Telangiectasis The dilated telangiectasis blood vessel.
  • Tumor (78)  The tumors are growing bigger and need to be removed.
  • Ulcer (40)  He has ulcers.
  • Vesicle (3)  The small vesicles.
  • Wheal The irregular itchy wheal was cause by an allergic reaction.

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Author: Kathryn Schnelly - Id: 76

I never wear make-up except on Sunday when I go to church or if it's a special occasion...but the second I'm home I'm washing it off so my skin can breath.

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The skin protects your body from germs.

Author: Anonymous - Id: 222

Question: What is olive complexion?

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