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Eat all the vegetables.

  • Whoever controls the food supply controls the people. - 236
  • Vegetables are perishable and should be eaten soon after harvest. - 674
  • Always wash your vegetables under running  water before eating or cooking them. - 730
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Question: What is food?
  Answer: Food is any nourishing substance of plant or animal origin that is eaten. - 211

Question: What is the purpose of food?
  Answer: Food supplies nourishment, sustains life, provides energy, promotes growth, and maintains health. - 212

Question: What is a  vegetable?
  Answer: Vegetables are any part of a plant that is grown for food. - 75

Question: What parts of plants are used for vegetables?
  Answer: Vegetables may include: Leaf, Root, Stalk, or Flower. - 76

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The goal: variety, nutrition and flavor.

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We want foods with lots of texture and different colors

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