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Cancer (109)

Part of speech: Noun

Cancer is a growing problem.

  • Be careful what you eat. - 102
  • "We need changes in the direction the cancer research is going. We need access to care beyond mammograms. We need to know what is causing the disease, and we need a cure. " - Barbara Brenner - 103
  • "Cancer appears to be a modern disease created by modern life." - Professor Rosalie David
    "Smoking is the single biggest preventable cause of cancer." - 101
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  Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)  

Question: What is cancer?
  Answer: Cancer is a disease where abnormal cells grow rapidly and invade surrounding tissue. - 104

Question: What is the treatment for colorectal cancer?
  Answer: Surgery is the main treatment for colorectal cancer. - 291

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Author: Guy Walton - Id: 274

My physical pain is just too great. I can barely write this message. I feel as if I have lost my battle to walk independently. Every day after I practice walking using a walker I get searing, stabbing nerve pain down both paralyzed feet. I am in bed with nightmarish stabbing pain. Am scaring my roommate because I have needed to scream today every few minutes. I'm downing Lyrica like candy. After two days of bed rest I usually feel much better, and the pain is manageable. Well, this is it. Sometimes God does say no. I won't walk again until either I have an operation for the pain, and/or I get much better drugs. Swimming will be my exercise until I can't do that. It is cruel to encourage someone to experience this level of pain to achieve independence. I might have several years left, and I want them to be as pain free as possible since I have some freedom of choice in this regard. Hope this torture will end.

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